Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sound & Interview & my "Progress"

Well, let me begin by saying that my progress concerning the projects is limited to many, many minutes of B-roll video content, and a lot of thinking. I have been thinking a lot, and those thoughts are starting to form mental storyboard that will eventually make there way onto paper.

As I was thinking about the personal video, and I've limited my theme for the video to be about getting around the cities and internationally without a car. I will use the rule of thirds often to frame scenes around the cities, metro stops, airplane terminals, etc. If I include short interviews with friends about travel, I will use the advice from the videos in the lectures (for instance: diffuse glow lighting, nose room, watching out for hands, and not cutting off the chin). I am actually kind of excited to interview/feature people in my projects, just for the fun of frame composition. Hopefully I will not have to add too many sound effects and be able to use the ambient sounds of the city. I plan on having a montage of travel mediums, and in that case I'll have to do some searching for the right-paced song.

I have a lot of work to do, but it's going to be excited to finish!

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