Friday, March 25, 2011

Tropos of Videography

For this delayed assignment, I'll bestow a nugget of awesome videography upon thee. It's an action-packed Swiss Alps thrill ride! Enjoy.

*Credits to Freeplay Music, for the song titled "Turning Point".*

So, I might have lied a little bit. It's not action-packed, per say. It's got a few scraggily bits of adventure though. To make this composition of small shots convey the initial sense of waiting and boredom, and then the out-of-nowhere fun in the mountains, a lot of exclusion had to occur. While it was important to include everything awesome, like the landscape, helicopter, and my rented skis, this video would lose its effect if I had either cut the clips shorter or left them too long.

Let's bullet point the big Tropos questions:
What? It's a vacation in the Swiss Alps.
When? During a bright, sunny day--the best conditions for a day on the slopes.
Where? The expanse mountain landscape.
Why? To excite, entertain, and inspire!

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