Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maybe a little late, but maybe a little helpful.

Professor Randy Nichols suggested that I share with you my first iteration of storyboards, so here they are!

Numero Uno: Personal Experience in host country (Spain)

Numero Dos: Professional Video (pertaining to Architecture)

Numero Tres: Social Issue in host country

I basically worked with an outline, then added a few images and descriptions of how I want to move from each scene to the next. The style of each outline "graphics" is the feeling I aim to convey for each video. It's not to detailed because I want to leave some wiggle room for how I transition, which images will be included/excluded, etc...but they will still act as a guide for how I construct each of my works!

PS: I apologize if the images are small...I tried to make them appear larger than they actually are on the blog!

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